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Auto-de-GoogleEl mes pasado se dio a conocer el vehículo autónomo de Google, que ya puede reconocer a ciclistas, peatones señales de tránsito y otros aspectos de tráfico. Pero como Google no descansa en su creatividad, paralelamente se estaba dedicando a otro vehículo, con un desarrollo mucho más fascinante. Te invito a saber de qué se trata esta atractiva innovación.

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Apple trabaja en nuevo proyecto secreto llamado “Titan”

Las empresas siempre están tratando de reinventarse y quizás es lo que pretende Apple con este nuevo proyecto, se supone que es secreto y se llama Titan.

Ya en un post anterior hablamos de la CarPlay y el posible interés de Apple en desarrollar un vehículo autónomo, pues durante el fin de semana estas series de dudas podrían haberse disipado un poco, ya que se ha filtrado algún tipo de información al respecto, aunque aún se debe confirmar.

Para empezar se dice que existe toda una división de ingenieros de Apple trabajando en lo que algunos han llegado a denominar iCar, un vehículo que sería el competidor directo del vehículo autónomo de Google.

Ya sabemos que la mayoría de empresas dedicas a la industria automotriz, cada vez más integran tecnologías en sus vehículos, y empresas como Google quiere dedicar todo un SO del tipo Android para que funcione de forma…

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Mobile this week: OK Google listens more; Android-powered cars


There were some interesting developments across multiple platforms this week: Microsoft started its rollout of Lumia Denim software, Apple outlined 64-bit app deadlines, and BlackBerry officially launched its new Classic smartphone. But Google wasn’t standing still.

Perhaps the most surprising news reported was that Google plans to use its next major version of mobile software — Android M — directly in vehicles. Android Auto already exists and works much like [company]Apple[/company]’s competing CarPlay: The implementation uses your connected phone to power the in-dash experience.

Photo by Janko Roettgers/Gigaom

What [company]Google[/company] allegedly wants to do is fundamentally different: Android Auto software would be embedded and use an integrated 4G connection in the car or truck. Think of it as a giant smartphone, only one that can drive you down the road.

With tens of millions of vehicles used daily, this would give Google even more data: Where we are, where we’re…

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Data privacy isn’t political — it’s personal


In the post-Snowden world, the location and security of data is not just a political issue, it’s a personal issue. Customer concerns over data privacy are having a drastic and unprecedented impact on how internet service providers, telecommunications companies and web hosting providers do business – and who they do business with. 

Two recent examples in Germany are particularly telling. First, the German government ended its contract with Verizon in late June, saying the U.S.-based telco was a liability due to its relationship with intelligence agencies like the NSA. Then, in early July, Deutsche Telekom unveiled a new highly secure German data center, which it touted as “Fort Knox” for data protection. Germany is well known for its strict data privacy standards, and clearly, new privacy concerns are reshaping how service providers do business within German borders.

 This phenomenon is by no means limited to countries like…

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Advice for a student!


I’m really sure that like me, you have dreamt of the success after graduating from a university, but are dreams enough to get it?

I guess not and that’s why I’m writing this post to help you go forward with making your dreams come true because everything is up to you.

First of all I want to let you know that going to a university is one of the best things you can do but you shouldn’t stop there, you should keep studying to make your career the best. You have to improve your knowledge every day towards your dreams.

It doesn’t matter what you are studying or what you want to be, it’s about your attitude and the desire to be the best in what you’re doing, meaning who doesn’t want to do what they really love? If not you might regret it in the future you.

As a Colombian I have to say that we have a big advantage towards our future, how do I know it? It’s easy, we grew up among an educational culture, and that’s why before we finished the school we knew what the next step would be. The university, and everyone knows that. It’s no secret, our parents told us we’d have to go to a university since we were kids, to become professionals.

Now the problem is after you graduate from the university, job opportunities in Colombia are few.  It’s very important to study (a masters, PhD if you can), travel to explore new culture, learn a new language (English is necessary) and trust me, you are gonna be closer to a professional status if you can reach this point. I’m sure you’re not the type of person that just get’s by.

That’s my advice, don’t just get by and don’t be afraid of doing what you really love to do!

Thanks for your time and if you liked it, just share it with your friends.

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The Cynic’s Photography Dictionary

For all photography lovers!

Photofocus (old site)

Editor’s Note:This is a guest post from Roger Cicala at

Picture –  A representation in two dimensions of something wearisome in three.   Ambrose Bierce

I’m a fan of the satirical and cynical definitions of Ambrose Bierce, first written as a daily newspaper column and later collected in The Devil’s Dictionary. (It was originally called the Cynic’s Word Book, but so many politicians of the day called Bierce a Devil that he felt the new title more appropriate.)

Ambrose Bierce

Unfortunately, very few of Mr. Bierce’s definitions apply to photography. Seeing a need that should be filled, I immediately began working on a Devil’s Dictionary of Photographic terms. Hopefully, some of you will join in and help to expand this desperately needed work.

The Cynic’s Photography Dictionary

Aberration – Something that is wrong with the lens by design, as opposed to something wrong with the lens by…

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Tenemos un nuevo rey de la velocidad

Hennessey Venom GT

El Hennessey Venom GT es el carro más rápido del mundo

Con un récord de  432,5 km/h el Hennessey Venom GT se posiciona por encima del Bugatti Veyron Super Sport quien era el rey con sus 426 km/h.

El récord aún no ha sido autorizado por El Libro Guiness, pero tiene algo que lo hace diferente:  Fue un récord obtenido tras cruzar en su primer intento en línea recta sobre la pista.

Este monstruo de  1244 caballos de fuerza ,  equipado con un motor V8 turbo de  6.2 litros  y montado sobre el chasis del Lotus Exige, es sin duda uno de los carros que dejará miles de miradas en el camino.

A continuación podrán ver el video de este monstruo en movimiento:


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